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Disney Singles
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To help Disney Singles to find other Disney Singles.
I created this community to help people that love Disney and are single to find other people that love Disney and are single.

Please fill out the fallowing so people can get to know you and you them, but never give out to much info and don't feel pressured to fill out anything you fell that is to private.

Name (or if you'd just like to give a nickname for now, that's fine too!) :
What part of the country do you live in?:

For work I:


I'm looking for a (guy/girl) between the ages of__ & __ OR Are you just looking for some new Disney friends?

Fave Disney Theme Park:

First Trip to Disney was in:

Is the rest of your extended family (parents, siblings, friends) as into Disney as you are?:

Mickey Bar or Popcorn?:

Fave animated film:

Fave live action film:

I see myself as this character:

But if I could be any character for a day, I'd be:

Best Disney song:

Best sit-down restaurant:

Best counter-service restaurent:

Fave resort?:

What do you think is the most romantic spot in all of Disney World?:

Which ride do you think is the most romantic?:

Fave Villian:

Fave Hero:

Fave Disney Dog:

Anything you'd like to add about yourself?:

What would you consider your style?:

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