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Hello And Welcome Disney Singles...

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May. 25th, 2010 | 03:54 am
posted by: stitchsgirlkay in disneysingles

Hello and welcome Disney Singles of the world.
I hope you all enjoy your stay and be kind to one another.

Remember to fill out this form:

Name (or if you'd just like to give a nickname for now, that's fine too!) :
What part of the country do you live in?:

For work I:


I'm looking for a (guy/girl) between the ages of__ & __ OR Are you just looking for some new Disney friends?

Fave Disney Theme Park:

First Trip to Disney was in:

Is the rest of your extended family (parents, siblings, friends) as into Disney as you are?:

Mickey Bar or Popcorn?:

Fave animated film:

Fave live action film:

I see myself as this character:

But if I could be any character for a day, I'd be:

Best Disney song:

Best sit-down restaurant:

Best counter-service restaurent:

Fave resort?:

What do you think is the most romantic spot in all of Disney World?:

Which ride do you think is the most romantic?:

Fave Villian:

Fave Hero:

Fave Disney Dog:

Anything you'd like to add about yourself?:

What would you consider your style?:

Note: Fill out form is not created by me, just copy and pasted.

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